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Capital Gains Tax

For 2017/2018, individuals are entitled to an annual exemption of £11,300 and trustees to £5,650.
Capital Gains Tax
If you think that your investments have made substantial unrealised gains and you have not yet made use of your annual allowance, you should consider taking financial advice as you may be able to utilise your annual allowance, or similar. You could for example, consider reinvestment in an ISA (subject to the ISA limits), reinvestment by a spouse/civil partner or reinvestment into a similar holding.

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Consideration should be given to transferring assets between spouses/civil partners before encashment to enable each to use an annual allowance.

It is important to consider whether any investments have made a loss and whether excess gains could be offset by any losses. Losses can be carried forward indefinitely, so it is important to include gains, losses and the annual exemption in any calculation to determine how to maximise relief.

The above taxation information is based on our current understanding of taxation legislation and regulations. Any levels and bases of, and reliefs from, taxation are subject to change.

The Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) does not regulate taxation advice.

This article (Capital Gains Tax) is intended to provide a general appreciation of the topic and it is not advice. For more information please contact Moscrops Financial Planning on 0161 761 2534 or email and we will be happy to assist you.

Article expiry: 05 Apr 2018

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